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    10 Years of Partnership with Rosenbauer

    Rosenbauer based in Leonding is one of the largest manufacturers of fire trucks around the globe. For more than 150 years, their name has stood for significant innovations and groundbreaking technology in the construction of fire trucks and fire extinguishers according to European and US American standards.


    Download an article about the 10-year partnership with Rosenbauer, published in the 19/12 edition of "Beschaffung aktuell" (available in German only).

    From 2009 to 2019: 10 Years of Digitalized and Automated Procurement

    We're in the spring of 2009. curecomp Software Services GmbH has existed for 5 years but is still a start-up. Rosenbauer has already been around for 143 years and has established itself as the market and innovation leader for fire trucks, not only in Europe.

    The implementation project was initiated in May 2009 with the first go-live following at the end of September 2009 at the headquarters of Rosenbauer, including the first suppliers and the main processes.
    From 2010 to 2012, it was followed by a focused roll-out as well as the implementation of the credit method.

    In 2011 and 2012, curecomp and Rosenbauer designed requests and tenders together.

    The go-live followed in May 2012. Nowadays, more than 2,000 requests per year are processed automatically and digitally.

    In ordering, more than 10,000 purchase order items per month are processed via clevercure.

    An implementation period of less than 4 months was followed by the go-live of the DIG catalog system in October 2019.

    One focus of Rosenbauer International AG is on improving the quality of master data.
    After an implementation period of almost 3 months, they went live with the first sub-functionalities in fall 2019.

    Some Figures

    # Plants (as of 09/2019): 6
    # Suppliers (as of 09/2019): 500
    # Orders via clevercure (as of 09/2019): > 75.000 p.a.
    # Order items via clevercure (as of 09/2019): > 175.000 p.a.
    # Requests and tenders (as of 09/2019): > 2.000 p.a.




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    Go Live Workflows (Lieferantenregistrierung, Lieferanten-Self-Service, RBI-Standards, ...)


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