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    Successfully Control Your Procurement

    On the road to success with eProcurement and SRM solutions

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    Make your purchasing department dynamic and contribute to your company's profitability

    Efficiency is the key to a successful future

    By automating operational processes and making time for strategic procurement, the eProcurement and SRM solutions by curecomp make your purchasing more efficient and advance your company. Reduce process costs and gain a competitive edge. Increase the planning reliability and provide for more precise data. This makes purchasing a success factor for the entire company.

    More time and overview

    • Combine the communication with your suppliers
    • Defined processes for collaborative working
    • Comprehensive supplier portal (orders, drawings, order confirmations, advance shipping notices, etc.)
    • Less process costs thanks to less manual work

    Contribute to the success

    • Improved supply reliability
    • Better purchasing conditions
    • Submit requests for more parts to more suppliers with less effort
    • Neither you nor your team deal with the bureaucracy but our solutions

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    From service provider to designer

    Our eProcurement and Supplier Relationship Management solutions give you the space to contribute more to your company's success and profitability.

    Accelerate processes


    Reduce manual work


    Submit requests to more suppliers


    Reduce bureaucracy

    Improve every day with these eProcurement and SRM solutions




    Automation in operational procurement reduces the workload of the organization. Free resources for strategic procurement and make your purchasing a success factor.



    Structured processes reduce the effort for requests for quote. Tender more parts with more suppliers and increase your profitability.



    Guided and transparent processes optimize the teamwork. Make the interplay between your purchasing department and your suppliers more dynamic.

    Connectivity: interfaces improve the data quality

    Professional systems for eProcurement and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) integrate the ERP system for the bidirectional data exchange. curecomp has standard interfaces to the leading ERP systems and interfaces to the systems of suppliers. With curecomp, you quickly and reliably benefit from an efficient SRM solution without barriers between you and your suppliers.

    The fast and reliable road to your SRM solution


    • Preparation work
    • Conceptual workshop
    • Analysis of actual processes and customer system
    • Project schedule incl. milestones

    • Implementation workshops
    • Setup test system
    • Introduction according to project schedule
    • Project control and planning
    • Tests

    • Acceptance according to project team
    • Training
    • Go-live
    • Follow-up

    What our customers say

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