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    Support Your Operational Procurement with Our eProcurement Solution

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    The next generation of order processing

    cleverPROCURE involves consumers and suppliers in the operational procurement and controls the collaboration, be it with regard to the transmission of information, supply MRP, delivery plans or transport management. The solution automates numerous processes, reduces errors resulting from manual work or media disruptions and increases the efficiency. Your procurement team has more time for strategic tasks like the development of suppliers.

    Successful teamwork with cleverPROCURE

    • Modern supplier portal as communication platform for orders, additional data, order confirmations, declarations of origin, advance shipping notices and more
    • Catalog system for indirect materials
    • Support of special processes like VMI, delivery plan, requirement forecast, transport orders, transport management, credit method
    • Electronic data exchange with the suppliers via curecomp
    • Bidirectional interfaces between ERP systems and the SaaS solution by curecomp

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    Ordering process for direct material

    Is the majority of your order lines attributed to direct production material? Do a comprehensive data situation and the on-time supply decide on the undisturbed operation of downstream processes, especially in production? Our solutions and our supplier portal automatically exchange data between the ERP system and the supplier. Bureaucratic tasks are omitted and manufacturing companies increase their efficiency considerably.


    Powerful catalog platform

    Do your purchasing employees process too many orders with indirect material? Just relocate the ordering process to the consumer. Our intuitive catalog system prevents Maverick Buying by means of standardized workflows. It guides the consumer through your approval and account allocation processes and transfers the order to your ERP system and the external suppliers.

    Our standard solution provides SMEs with a catalog system as it was previously reserved for large companies only. Instead of processing orders, your employees negotiate terms, define product ranges and develop suppliers.

    Vendor Managed Inventory

    Do you waste too much time with inventory management and supply MRP? Just hand the supply with products managed as inventory over to your supplier. Both sides benefit when your supplier is responsible for the quantities to be stockpiled, refill points and the delivery: you avoid out-of-stock situations and your supplier knows your demand and can reliably plan their own stockpiling.


    Delivery plan process

    Do you use delivery plans to collaborate with your suppliers? Our solutions for delivery plans allow you to automate and digitalize the necessary communication between the procuring company and the respective suppliers. The manual workload is significantly reduced.

    Transport management

    Does your purchasing department organize the transport from the supplier? Our solutions help you to automate easy or even complex tasks of transport management. This includes placing a transport order on the basis of advance shipping notices, the SPOT commissioning of transports or transport cost postings on the level of shipping document lines.


    Additional eProcurement and SRM solutions for your daily tasks 



    Structured processes reduce the effort for requests for quote. Tender more parts with more suppliers and increase your profitability.



    Guided and transparent processes optimize the teamwork. Make the interplay between your purchasing department and your suppliers more dynamic.

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