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    SRM Solutions Make the Collaboration Dynamic

    Increase your efficiency and develop your top suppliers

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    Develop your preferred suppliers

    Selecting and managing the right suppliers is one of the crucial success factors of a company. Get a complete overview with cleverMANAGE thanks to automated processes. It provides you with a comprehensive data basis to make sound decisions about with whom you want to take the collaboration to the next level – from standard supplier to preferred supplier.

    How to improve the efficiency of the collaboration

    • Versatile workflow engine for automating business processes
    • Unlimited flexibility thanks to generic data models
    • Customizable dashboards with drilldown
    • Intuitive form builder 
    • Interfaces to the ERP system

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    Qualify suppliers

    Do you want to increase your delivery reliability and the competition within your supply chain? Define your own workflow on your website, with which your suppliers can be registered and qualified. In workflows, you enter information and documents and store them in your system. New workflows can automatically be triggered on the basis of the meta data, for example the update of master files or the renewal of documents or audits.


    Update master files

    Would you like to reduce the workload for updating the master files? Just automate the retrieval from your suppliers completely. Your supplier receives the link to the workflow via e-mail. The buyer is asked to verify newly entered data. Once they have been verified, the data are automatically transferred to the system and added to the creditor master files. Our platform documents the change history that you can call up at any time.

    Extend documents

    Do you spend too much time storing and monitoring documents? cleverMANAGE allows you to automatically control the extension of documents. On the basis of metadata, which are entered when the document is first uploaded, a workflow asks the owner of the document for an update. The document receives a new expiration date and the workflow starts again in good time before this new expiration date.


    Evaluate suppliers

    Would you like to benefit from the experiences of the entire company to shape the future collaboration with your suppliers? cleverMANAGE provides you with a 360-degree view of your suppliers. You receive the hard facts from the ERP system and the soft facts from cleverMANAGE. Workflows are used to include the evaluations of other departments of the company. You can then derive the necessary measures from the calculated total ranking.

    Management Dashboard

    Do you need an overview of all relevant information? Simply create your personal dashboard with the required level of detail using drag and drop. Get an overview of all current processes like orders, requests for quote, workflows or dates and analyze them via drilldown.


    Additional eProcurement and SRM solutions for your daily tasks



    Automation in operational procurement reduces the workload of the organization. Free resources for strategic procurement and make your purchasing a success factor.



    Structured processes reduce the effort for requests for quote. Tender more parts with more suppliers and increase your profitability

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