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    SRM Solutions Reduce the Time from the Demand to the Decision on the Assignment

    More efficient communication with your suppliers

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    Process requests for quote and tenders professionally

    With cleverSOURCE, procuring companies request more parts from more suppliers with considerably less labor costs. This improves your delivery reliability and creates competition. The structured communication with the bidders reduces the effort for the requests for quote. You can access master files from the ERP system and have the results automatically transferred to the ERP system.

    How cleverSOURCE accelerates requests for quote and order assignments

    • Submit requests for more parts to more suppliers
    • Provide information to bidders in a standardized way and monitor the process of the request for quote
    • Create guided requests for quote automatically and process them collaboratively
    • Adopt master files from the ERP system (mater files, drawings, etc.)
    • Transfer master files to the ERP system (order book, info record, additional documents, etc.)
    • Automate partial processes
    • Design templates flexibly and compare quotes more easily
    • Update price data and master files for comprehensive part lists

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    Measurably faster and less expensive with curecomp

    How pump manufacturer NETZSCH reduced the procurement cycle times by four days

    German pump manufacturer NETSCH Pumps & Systems produces up to 100 pumps per day.

    With the solutions by curecomp, the company has

    • Automated requests for quote to registered suppliers and comparisons of quotes and significantly increased their numbers
    • Reduced the procurement cycle time from nine to five days
    • Reduced the process costs in the purchasing department
    • Reduced the procurement prices and increased the customer satisfaction

    You want to know how NETZSCH has achieved this? Have a look at the complete case study.

    Additional eProcurement and SRM solutions for your daily tasks



    Guided and transparent processes optimize the teamwork. Make the interplay between your purchasing department and your suppliers more dynamic.



    Automation in operational procurement reduces the workload of the organization. Free resources for stratetic procurement and make your purchasing a success factor.

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